eGov Stack

Every government using technology as a backbone to scale high impact governance

There is a #SamagraWay of infusing technology into government projects that can help create #ImpactatScale. Through our projects we have enabled impossible possible and proven possible, when done in the right way.

We want it to scale with the Open Source community.

We are building an eGov team

Are you an engineer who has a modular and an extensible thought process for developing products? Have you been part of a Google Summer of Code project or contributed at least 2 feature additions to large open source projects? And most importantly do you want a unique opportunity to create #impactatscale by leveraging technology in a smart way?

Read below to understand what you will be expected to do for being considered in the Samagra Open Source eGov team.


Design an infinitely extensible-by-community calculator


Indicate your top 3 learnings from open source contributions you have made


Share 2 complex projects for which you developed an elegant solution


Submit your application below and expect a reply very soon

Are you ready for the challenge?