Driving the digital roadmap of the state encompassing all departments

Program Overview

A Digital Cell has been setup in the office of the Chief Minister of Haryana to define and drive the digital vision for the state and stream-line all e-governance initiatives across all departments of the state. This project cuts across all sectors and departments of the state of Haryana. The key objectives of the program are:

  • Supporting the government in the development of the core Haryana stack of technology components.
  • Facilitating partnership of Government of Haryana with NRSC-ISRO and Service Plus.
  • Facilitating reviews of all IT initiatives across the state.
  • Enabling data driven reviews of departments in the state.
  • Facilitating collaborations between the state and other central govt. organisations to deliver high impact IT initiatives.



IT initiatives


Citizen Services


Citizen Touchpoints

Our Initiatives


SARAL Citizen Service Delivery

A unified service delivery platform for applying and tracking 350+ government services across the state. SARAL uses an escalation matrix to ensure accountability and speed up service delivery.

Geo Governance

Driving Geo-Governance mandate

Creation of 25+ GIS based applications for the state. Digital Haryana Cell facilitated the MoU between Government of Haryana and NRSC-ISRO to achieve this feat.


State IT Projects Streamlining

Review of 180+ tech initiatives in the state to ensure these projects are using best practices and reach the milestones in time. DHC is also involved in administrative and tech de-bottlenecking in these projects.