Improving Education through systemic interventions

Program overview

An education transformation cell has been set up in the Chief Minister of Haryana's office to drive improvement in the learning levels of student in Haryana govt. schools. The overall focus is to make at least 80% students in Haryana government schools grade level competent in the next two years. The key objectives of the program are:











Our Initiatives

Tech systems

Technology Systems

Overhaul of all the existing technology systems in the state education department including MIS, Academic Monitoring System, Monthly Assessment Test portal and linking all of them for cross functional insights.



Transformation of the assessment structure of the state through systemic and administrative reforms. The main focus is on improving test conduction processes and disseminating meaningful, actionable insights from assessment data.

Learning Enhancement Program

Learning Enhancement Program

Addressing the problems of students who are behind grade level. Through an activity based approach, students are taught key previous grade competencies, leading to direct impact on learning level outcomes.

Govt private collaboration

School Collaboration Govt. & Pvt.

Providing a central framework for collaboration between govt and private schools. The project is driven at district level through the district collectors.


Communication Improvement

Strengthening of the communication channels of the state as well introduction of new channels such as E-SMS, IVRS and teacher helpline.

Timely texbook delivery

Timely Textbook Delivery

Ensuring timely delivery of textbooks in the state. The entire supply chain is closely managed to ensure delivery of textbooks before the beginning of the academic session.

Tech pilots

Technology Pilots

Testing the use of technology in government school classrooms to improve learning level outcomes. The models being tested are tablet labs, projector based smart classrooms as well as teacher tabs and training.

Merger and Consolidation

Merger & Consolidation

Optimisation of state's resources through merger and consolidation of small schools. The schools are identified through a data and technology based methodology.

Organisation Enablement

Organisation Enablement

Introduction of various short term and long term measures to solve the problem of teacher's vacancies in the state. The focus is also on bringing about administrative reforms to create an efficient and effective working environment for teachers.

Saksham Haryana Campaign

Saksham Haryana Campaign

Generating momentum in the state about education, skilling and employment. The campaign focuses on actively involving the state's political and bureaucratic machinery to drive impact on ground.