Systemic transformation of the delivery and quality of education in the state

Program Overview

Samarth is a project run in conjunction with the Himachal Pradesh Directorate of Elementary Education (DEE) and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) to transform the education system across the state. Samarth's interventions focus on improving the quality of education imparted in government schools. The key objectives of the program are:

  • Improving learning levels by 8-10 percentage points
  • Achieving grade level competency for 75% students
  • Ensuring Himachal Pradesh is among top 3 states in NAS










Our Initiatives

Learning Outcomes.pngb&W

Seekhne Ke Pratifal

Shifting the focus of learning from chapters to competencies through a subject and grade-wise chart of expected learning outcomes.

Textbook Distribution b&W

Textbook Delivery

Ensuring timely delivery of textbooks to government schools at the beginning of the academic cycle.

Review & Monitoring.jpgb&W

Review and Monitoring

Streamlining the state's school inspection process, enabling data backed decisions at all levels and monitoring progress of the actions.


Online Teacher Training

Improving teacher training through an online app consisting of short videos, best practices and other resources mapped to the curriculum.


Khaas Shiksha

A continuous system of recognition to celebrate teachers, recognize their innovative ideas and share their best practices.


Measuring Classroom Assessment

Enabling data-backed online assessment of 5.5 lakh elementary students with data collected using OMR technology.

C School Development Plan

Online School Development Plan

Improving accountability and transparency through an online mechanism of defining short, actionable targets for school improvement.


m-Report Card

Increasing awareness and engaging parents in their child's education through an SMS based assessment result delivery system.

A Personnel Management

Personnel MIS

Driving design changes and usage of the PMIS, to facilitate paperless administration within the Elementary Education Department.


Continuous Learning Tips

Disseminating teaching tips to teachers through SMS to promote continuous learning.

D Top Down Communication

Top-down Communication

Assisting Elementary Education Department in direct communication with stakeholders through an e-SMS portal and 50+ Whatsapp groups.