Improving learning levels through technology enabled systemic assessment reforms

Program Overview

Vidya Vikaasam is aimed at improving learning levels of school going children in Andhra Pradesh by 6-8% over three years, through technology enabled systemic assessment reforms. Improvement in learning levels will be achieved through institutional capacity building, enabling integrated data systems and leveraging analytics across all levels. The key objectives of the program are:

  • Building long-term systemic and institutional capacity through strengthening SCERT and district administration
  • Strengthening methodology in designing assessment tools
  • Accurately measuring levels of children across the state through conduction of State Learning Achievement Surveys (SLAS)
  • Revamping data collection mechanisms for greater accuracy and ease
  • Strengthening data analysis to derive actionable insights and leverage technology to dissemination to the last-mile
  • Developing monitoring systems to ensure usage of analysis for improved teaching in classrooms





Teachers Impacted


Children Impacted

Our Initiatives

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Capacity building

Building of institutional assessment capacity in the state through a proposed Assessment Cell, which will be an elite body trained to design scientific and high quality assessments, test administration, analysis and dissemination to teachers and administrators.

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Recognition of schools and teachers who have contributed to children's holistic development and collation of best practices from across the state. Letters signed by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh are sent to all high schools based on their performance in SSC 2016-17

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Cross data analytics

Identification of the variables (e.g. socio-economic conditions, teacher training, pupil teacher ratio etc.) that may have a significant impact on a child's learning levels. This will assist the state in policy level decision and programmatic interventions planning.


Academic Monitoring system

Overhaul of the school cluster and monitoring system in the state through live dashboards, micro-tech monitoring and data backed review meetings.