Leadership Team

A graduate from IIT Delhi & IIM Calcutta, Gaurav worked with McKinsey & Co. before quitting his position to follow his passion for governance. He travelled across India to understand what is working and how development is driven by the administration and political class. This passion resulted in the birth of Samagra, which he has been leading since 2012.

Food is his single biggest weakness but strictly vegetarian.


Gaurav Goel

Founder & CEO


Ankur Bansal


A graduate from University of Auckland, Ankur was a strategy consultant at PwC. He lived in New Zealand but was pulled back to India during the days of the India Against Corruption movement. He moved back to lead Health Investments at Dell Foundation and then decided to get involved with the change first-hand. He has been a Co-Founder since 2016.

Watching India - New Zealand cricket matches with him is fun.


Nina Stochniol

Vice President

An alumnus of the University of Oxford and Harvard Kennedy School, Nina has over 13 years of international development experience. She previously worked as an Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Palestine, the President of Malawi and the Minister of Finance of Rwanda.


Rahul Kulkarni

Technology Expert

Google India's first product manager and co-founder of DoNew, an AI based mentoring start-up, Rahul has been engaged with Samagra to drive the tech vertical. Rahul previously worked with NASA, Boeing, CERN & Sokrati.

Rohit - profile picture

Rohit Kumar

Policy Expert

Alumnus of Harvard Kennedy School of Government & IIT Bombay, Rohit served as Head of Policy & Research at the office of Mr. Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda, MP Lok Sabha. He previously worked with PRS Legislative Research & BCG.


Saurabh Bansal

Education Expert

Saurabh has worked in cross-functional roles across sales in Zomato, investing at the Dell Foundation, operations at Jabong and strategy at A.T. Kearney. He is passionate about building organizations in emerging domains.

Engagement Teams

Abhinav_Professional Pic - Abhinav Agarwal

Abhinav Agarwal

CMGGA, Haryana

I love to swim and play good hard tennis. Both, great habits to manage my eating habit.


Aditya Chopra

Saksham Cell, Haryana

I have a great Twitter following. Trying to replicate that in my non-Twitter life through everything I can do.

IMG-20151125-WA0021 - Aneesh Mugulur

Aneesh Mugulur

Samarth, Himachal

I am a public policy enthusiast, who likes to backpack and get his hands dirty quite often.


Ankit Jain

CMGGA, Haryana

I enjoy cycling and reading different genres. I can always do a piece of stand-up comedy for you as well.


Apoorva Murari

Samarth, Himachal

Jumping off cliffs, shooting hoops and transforming education; these are my few favourite things.


Avantika Thakur

CMGGA, Haryana

I enjoy African blues & Himachal apples. I supported the implementation of child right legislations.


Divya Ahuja

Saksham Cell, Haryana

I really enjoy reading. Trying to catch up on all the pending reading from my undergraduate days.


Divya Goel

Saksham Cell, Haryana

I am the early bird who enjoys the morning runs. Although, Mathematics & Scientific Computing are really me.

Profile Picture

Farnoosh Azadi

eGov Stack, Delhi

I can code in 6 programming languages which makes me a tech geek. I hate to admit it though.


Hardik Rathod

DHC, Haryana

I like to shake my leg and run around till my deadlines approach.


Harsh Garg

Saksham Cell, Haryana

I am a budding poet on the quest for the meaning of life. Connect with me for quirky and philosophical conversations.


Himanshu Pandey

ADAPT, Odisha

I love being around people, my table tennis racket & Kindle. I indulge in old school Nintendo games too. Pro level.

Kalpesh-pro - Kalpesh Agrawal

Kalpesh Agrawal

Digital Cell, Haryana

I love streaming new popular music on YouTube and watching cricket online, even more since the 4G days.

IMG_20170217_174514_01 - Manasa Acharya

Manasa Acharya

Samarth, Himachal

I love reading and oh yes, doodling. Never mind if the meeting is boring I've got myself covered.

samagra - Medha Meenal

Medha Meenal

Vidya Vikaasam, Andhra

I love video editing and mostly anything really creative. The challenge is really not the skills but the time.

Nawal Picture - Nawal Agrawal

Nawal Agrawal

CMGGA, Haryana

I follow politics closely. I started Get Up for Change to assist folks in filing RTIs while protecting their identities.


Namita Bhatia

ADAPT, Odisha

I love solving crosswords and reading fiction. I also enjoy creating tables and graphs with non-fiction data.


Navneet Kaur

ADAPT, Odisha

When I am not consulting, I am singing and playing the ukulele.

IMG_20151010_213606~2 - Nikhil Nadiger

Nikhil Nadiger

Saksham Cell, Haryana

I am an actor & founding member of Radical Mime Team, PunchTantraa. Just keep calm and Google it.

Pavan-Profile - Pavan Ananth

Pavan Ananth

Vidya Vikaasam, Andhra

I am a mountaineering and scuba enthusiast. Although, early morning treks and dives are not my favourite.


Ratan Guha

Saksham Cell, Haryana

I love debating. Try me. I spend a considerable amount of time reading the lessons history has to teach us.


Raju Ram

Office Management, Delhi

I enjoy playing cricket, you would do better with me in your team. I am a great singer too.


Saif Khan

Samarth, Himachal

I am a design junkie. I have explored chemicals, politics, web platforms, and analytics on my way here.


Saurabh Biswas

Saksham Cell, Haryana

I am the calm through the storm. I believe nothing can be achieved without such a disposition.

Version 2

Shweta Chopra

Samarth, Himachal

Compelling stories, graphs & TV shows have something in common. They must be explored.


Sibabrata Choudhury

ADAPT, Odisha

I am passionate about running and agriculture. Although, I do not run in fields.

pp - Sunny Kolla

Sunny Roy Kolla

Vidya Vikaasam, Andhra

I am a serious marathon runner. I am inspired to create eco-friendly urban designs for the world around me.

VS2A6086 (1)

Sukhpreet Sekhon

Technology, Delhi

I love coffee, plants and minimal designs. From formal suits and kurtas, it's mostly t-shirts these days.

IMG_20171022_150919 - Ujjwal Relan

Ujjwal Relan

Digital Cell, Haryana

I am a movie buff with a penchant for singing. It is movies for distraction and singing to get back on track.


Utkarsh Vijay

Digital Cell, Haryana

I am a founder at heart. One start-up down. With my analytics & tech finesse, everyone wants me around.